Dr Claire McVittie - MC

Dr Claire McVittie

I have been working in the health profession for almost a decade, practising remedial, sports, Swedish, and pregnancy massage. 

Working with Chiropractic care has greatly expanded my ability to help individuals with a wider range of conditions, and assist in the natural healing process of the body. 

It has also been remarkable to see how Chiropractic care can achieve great results with accelerated recovery from injury, maintenance of the body for optimum health, and prevention of injury.

At Tuggerah Chiropractic, along with chiropractic adjustments, I work with the Biocomfort Massator. The machine provides a circular movement for an effective vibration massage with flexible movement control. With it we are able to treat a wide range of problems: to improve rheumatic disorders, spinal disorders, circulation problems, spasms, or the treatment of certain internal organs.

In the words of Dr Rodney Steventon;

  “We’ve found that the Massator is better than a second pair of hands. The unique characteristics of the Massator has allowed us to achieve far more efficient muscle work while increasing patient comfort due to the anaesthetic effect on the skin that vibration has, reducing discomfort during treatment. We have also found that it has been able to increase circulation, have amazing effects on areas of fibrosis, and revitalise lymphatic and interstitial flow! It has transformed our treatment programs with results that are startling. It is able to be used on all body parts.”